To spearhead state-of-the-art battery systems into mining, military & marine

to enhance performance, safety and sustainability

Target Markets

3ME Technology is focused on battery systems within high barrier to entry markets with challenging safety, certification and operating demands such as but not limited to mining, military and marine.

Our partners operate across air, sea and land including subsurface and hazardous area operations.  We are passionate about enhancing performance, safety and sustainability in these markets which we have extensive operational experience in.

We are working collaboratively with research bodies, government initiatives, vehicle manufacturers and end-users to accelerate the transition to superior battery solutions.

Our Approach

Energised, agile, passionate and collaborative.
A one-stop-shop for battery systems.
Quality Assurance and Compliance in accordance with National and International regulations and standards. Extensive target industry knowledge and practical experience.

Our Technology

Our core technology includes battery module design and assembly; battery management systems (BMS) and monitoring; vehicle control unit (VCU) software and hardware; EV power electronics design and supply.

Our Services

Our core services include electrical and mechanical engineering in support of customised components and battery systems. We provide remote monitoring (IoT), diagnostics and control of battery and e-mobility systems. When it comes to developing and integrating battery systems for Mining, Military and Marine applications, 3ME Technology has the solutions.
Over a decade of development

A leader in driving the

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