3ME Technology are excited to be shortlisted to the next phase in the Charge On Innovation Challenge. Our submission was based around our modular, scalable, and interoperable battery system, Bladevolt®.

Founded by BHP, Rio Tinto and and facilitated by Austmine, the challenge is a global initiative to develop large scale haul truck electrification systems. 

Vendors were asked to submit solutions that can safely deliver in the order of 400 kWh electricity to 220 tonne battery-electric trucks in a way that maintains or improves current productivity levels (without adding time to haul cycle). 

The next phase will comprise of a pitch session followed by an in-depth look into the innovative solutions proposed to charge haul trucks powered by battery instead of diesel.

Though this challenge Austmine aims to:

  • Demonstrate there is an emerging market for charging solutions in mining
  • Accelerate commercialization of solutions
  • Indicate to suppliers, the mining industry seeks interoperable solutions
  • Maintain multiple actors and competition in the supply chain
  • Integrate innovations from other sectors into the mining sector



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