3ME Technology has been selected among eight technology innovation companies as a winner of the Charge On Innovation Challenge. 3ME Technology is now participating in the next stage of the process which aims to electrify diesel-powered haul truck fleets for the global mining industry.

The Charge On Innovation Challenge was launched by BHP, Rio Tinto and Vale in 2021, with over 80 companies submitting expressions of interest (EOI) to help solve the heavy-vehicle decarbonisation challenge.

3ME Technology was among a select group of businesses offering winning concepts from around the world including Australia, Switzerland, Japan, Denmark, Singapore, the UK and North America.

“3ME Technology’s Bladevolt® lithium-ion battery is modular, scalable, and designed to meet the toughest safety standards for the mining sector. We are excited to be working with industry partners in the Charge On Innovation Challenge to accelerate the mining industry’s emissions reduction efforts”, 3ME Technology CEO, Justin Bain said.

3ME Technology is providing the Charge On Innovation Challenge with an adapted version of its unique Bladevolt® Battery System to fit the requirements of haul truck operations. The haul truck-specific Bladevolt® XL system will be scaled to fit varied tonnage. A novel feature of the Bladevolt is the remote monitoring system that sits behind the battery and captures critical performance data down to each individual cell.

With diesel-powered haul truck fleets’ being responsible for up to 80 per cent of a mine’s emissions, the electrification of these vehicles represents a breakthrough opportunity to deliver lower carbon emissions and better air quality in mines. In the underground mining environment, replacing diesel-powered trucks with electric vehicles will also improve operator safety and reduce maintenance and ventilation costs.

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