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Certified Company ISO 9001:2016; ISO 14001:2015; AS/NZS 4801:2001


3ME Technology has over a decade of experience in electric vehicle systems and energy storage. Originally focused in the on-road sector, 3ME Technology has continued to go after hard targets and break new ground in new industries.
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3ME Technology
Why 3ME Technology as a company name?
3ME for Mining, Military and Marine as our target markets and E for Electro mobility (e-mobility) being a general term for the development of electric-powered drivetrains designed to shift vehicle design away from the use of fossil fuels and carbon gas emissions
We are first and foremost a tech company (battery systems, software & power electronics) who work collaboratively with vehicle/platform manufacturers and end-users (static energy storage systems) to electrify their offerings.


Make It Happen
We gain joy through advancing technology and seeing it scale.
We create disproportionate positive impacts for the size of our team.
We are focused, efficient, resilient and have a bias
for calculated action.
Nurture a Sense of Family
We share success and we band together when things don't go to plan.
We recognise that every cog in the 3ME machine plays a critical part.
We promote an environment of trust, respect, reliability,
accountability and open communication.
Play an Infinite Game
We strive to be better than ourselves.
We have the courage to lead and we practice
existential flexibility. We encourage organisation-wide
leadership and enable our team to achieve their
full potential.
Power Innovation through Collaboration
We dare to innovate and promote idea meritocracy.
We harness the strengths of individuals, our team and partners.
Through collaboration with key customers,
we identify new opportunities,
break into new markets and increase our speed of execution.
Nail our Niche
We do what we do best (as individuals and as a Company).
Better to do our core technology really well than a number of things poorly (jack of all trades, master of none).
We design, document and build repeatable,
scalable and commercially viable solutions.

We address your needs

Organisations within our target markets have different needs, yet there is often common ground:

- Improved performance, productivity and monitoring

- Safer operating environment

- Customised solutions

- Lower operating costs

- Reduced maintenance

- Unquestionable reliability

- Increased vehicle and fleet life

- Reduced environmental impacts 

- Reduced thermal and acoustic signatures

- Enhanced integration with sensors, communications and remote systems 

Organisations come to 3ME Technology when they realise there are no off the shelf products that meet their needs or they need assistance selecting and integrating reliable off the shelf products into a customised system.

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