We wouldn’t be achieving our vision of creating cleantech for the highest, deepest and toughest endeavours if we weren’t sending 3ME Technology batteries into space!

3ME Technology are proud to support Gilmour Space Technologies and be a part of the Australian Space Manufacturing Network (ASMN).

Recognising the growing market opportunities for new space products and services, over 30 of Australia’s leading space manufacturers, universities and supply chain companies, including 3ME Technology, are supporting a $150 million bid for the Federal Government’s Modern Manufacturing Initiative – Collaboration (MMIC) stream.

The ASMN – led by Gilmour Space with backing from the Queensland Government – aims to establish three new space facilities, centred in Queensland:

(1) a common test and manufacturing facility, enabling members to advance their space research and technology development at lower cost;

(2) an advanced manufacturing facility for building commercial rockets and satellites, anchored by Gilmour Space;

(3) an orbital spaceport at Abbot Point near Bowen in North Queensland, that will help bring many of these products to space.