3ME Technology is honoured to announce that we have been awarded the most innovative company in the agriculture and mining sector for 2021 by the Australian Financial Review for our Bladevolt battery system. The full AFR article can be found here.

3ME Technology’s Bladevolt is a high-performance, lithium-ion/polymer battery system designed to power heavy-duty electric vehicles and improve safety in underground mines.

The Bladevolt battery system will be the first large-format lithium-ion battery globally to be certified “intrinsically safe”, meaning the design has eliminated the risk of lithium-ion battery fire.

Bladevolt offers clean technology for the highest, deepest and toughest endeavours, says Steven Lawn, 3ME Technology’s chief growth officer.

“Heavy industry needs to decarbonise and a smart networked battery such as Bladevolt represents the future of battery power,” he says.