Rixon Capital is pleased to announce the provision of a $5,000,000 asset-backed senior secured working capital facility to 3ME Technology to support its growth.

3ME Technology is an Australian heavy-vehicle battery manufacturer designing and producing modular, energy-dense, lithium-ion battery systems to power mining and military electric vehicles (EV) and equipment.

Ranked the most innovative company for agriculture, mining, and utilities in Australasia by AFR BOSS Most Innovative Companies 2021, 3ME Technology is an investee company of both the Australian Business Growth Fund (ABGF) and Clean Energy Finance Corporation.

Rixon Capital is proud to fund an Australian green technology business at the forefront of an emerging industry.

Rixon Capital
Team: Shrikaanth B, CFA, Patrick Prasad William
IC: Alan Butterfield, Blair Murphy, Justin Roberts
Legal Advisor: Chris Robertson, Beresford Legal

3ME Technology
Team: Justin Bain, Tim Willetts
Advisor: VCF Capital Partners, Marcus Parker, Oliver Lawrie, CFA

Rixon Capital is the investment manager of the Rixon Income Fund, an SME private credit strategy that seeks to provide non-dilutionary debt to support Australian SMEs and fintech’s with loans from $2,000,000.

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