3ME Technology is honoured to have been invited to the Tactical EV Conference, TEVCON in San Diego, facilitated by energy warrior Tom Holm, Executive Director of the Energy Defense Council.

We are especially honored that our CEO Justin Bain (JB) was invited to speak on electrification innovation from an Australian perspective.

We shared our progress and learnings gained from the deployment of lithium-ion powered vehicles in the tough and remote environments found in Australian underground mines.

JB explained how the mining industry has been an ideal proving ground for our EV Powertrains, which were then adapted to Defence applications, including our delivery of the first and iconic produced, Bushmaster, electrified in collaboration with Australian Army RICO and Defence Science and Technology Group (DSTG).

For those interested to understand more about the US Army’s plan to hybridize their tactical wheeled fleet – we encourage you to read the excellent GM Defense sponsored, US issue paper: PowerProjection: Accelerating the Electrification of US Military developed by Tate Nurkin and Reed Blackmoore at the Atlantic Council Global Energy Center; and Sowcraft Centre for Strategy and Security.

The paper outlines the US Army’s plan to transition most of their tactical wheeled fleet to Hybrid Electric over the next 15 years (as per the US Army’s #ClimateStrategy). The paper highlights the importance of electrification in gaining and sustaining the advantage on the future battlefield where #mobility, #stealth and #endurance will be in high demand as well as the need to power a growing number of sensors and systems in which soldiers will rely.

Check their paper out at the link below and look for a picture of the Australian #Stealthmaster® on Page 6! 👉 https://lnkd.in/gMH8DJyM

💪Australia is punching above its weight, and we are pleased to be strengthening the #AUKUS partnership with Australian made and manufactured battery technology and #emobility solutions.